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Watches today are extremely over priced. People tend to buy watches today based on appearance of quality and price, rather than the actual quality and design.

This is why I (Antonio) decided to create Di Angelini to help people realize that beautiful and quality watches are actually affordable.


Hi, and welcome to Di Angelini! I am a young entrepreneur who have a big interest for watches.

Me and my team have been paying attention to the watch industry for a long time now, and the prices are incredible. It’s sad to see so many people basing their purchase on the price instead of the quality and design.

Di Angelini will therefore focus on selling high quality watches with unique and wonderful designs, at the lowest price possible.

We try to sell all of our watches for a price lower than $200. In Di Angelini you will be able to find different styles of watches, as well as luxurious accessories which can fit well with the watches.

All the watches we sell are from different vendors which allows us to set the price as low as we possibly can.

Keep in mind that because of this, the shipping time can take up from 1 to 4 weeks (depending on your country).

If you ever have any issues with your purchase or shipping, feel free to email us at support@diangelini.com.


Thanks for coming by,

Antonio (CEO and Co-Founder)